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“Tobacco Wars” are being waged again… in states across the country. At stake are billions of dollars for state governments who signed on to a “deal with the devil” thirteen years ago when 46 state attorneys general signed away their independence on the dotted line of the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA). 

The MSA was shrewdly crafted by Big Tobacco to protect themselves from endless lawsuits and judgments while at the same time protecting them from future market share losses by weaving a web of greed that would ensnare their unwitting state partners and force them to destroy their competition.  The states saw it as a major windfall and couldn’t look past the dollar signs to read the fine print!  The fine print said that states would be forced to work for Big Tobacco in return for their share of the “cookie jar”. 

Now, states have chosen to attack Tribal tobacco...
in their effort to help Big Tobacco maintain their market share, and in turn restore billions of dollars in state payments being withheld by Big Tobacco under the terms of the MSA agreement!

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